Pet Insurance

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Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide is the only plan that offers plans for both cats and dogs. They also cover birds and other exotic pets like rabbits and reptiles.  


All Nationwide pet insurance plans come with a 24/7 access vet helpline, where knowledgeable veterinarians can provide members with guidance on any pet health concern. 


Both Wellness and Medical Plans are available. 

Explanation of Benefits

Benefit Schedule Allowance (BSA)

Benefit Schedule Allowance (BSA) plans reimburse from a benefit schedule, which is a list of all covered conditions and a limit we will cover up to for each of

those conditions. These are like a basic named peril plan that you might be familiar with.



These plans offer coverage for preventative care, like vaccines and flea/heartworm medication. Reimbursement is based on a set dollar amount per item or treatment.


Percent of Invoice (POI)

Percent of Invoice (POI) plans reimburse a straight percentage of all eligible expenses. These plans have similar coverage to a broad policy that covers all but excluded items.

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